Why Choose TMBS

Trustegic Medical Billing Services is an outsource medical billing offer varieties of medical billing Services. We specialized in many areas of Revenue Cycle Management including but not limited to Medical Billing and Coding, HCC/ Risk Adjustment Coding, Insurance & Benefits Verification, Account Receivable Management & Solution, Telehealth Billing, and Credentialing multi-specialist provider. TMBS has a track record of maximizing revenue by 25% with precise, accurate charge entry, and payment posting while reducing overall cost. We bring money back into to the office by reduce, recover, and rebuild with our 5 steps trust the strategy process.  We do not just monitor your accounts, but we actively manage and will keep them stable for the long term. Get in touch today by filling out our client assessment form.

We serve all types of medical specialties and services including but not limited to...

Provider Specialty 

  • Internal Medicine

  • Family practice 

  • Physical Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Behavioral Health

  • Podiatrists

  • Ambulatory Billing

  • Chiropractic

Essential Services

  • Electronic and Paper Claim Submission

  • Payment Posting

  • Account Receivable Management

  • Charge Reconciliation

  • Insurance Follow-Up

  • Weekly and Monthly Billing Reporting

  • Disputing Appeals and Claim Denials

  • A/R Reduction

  • Risk Adjustment Coding

  • Reliable Coding

  • Collection Management

  • Charge Entry

  • Telehealth Billing & Coding

The Highest Standards

  • AAPC Member  

  • HIPAA Compliance

Here at Trustegic Medical Billing Services you can...


Revenue Cycle Management

Reduce, Recover, & Rebuild your revenue collection.

Telehealth Billing & Coding

TMBS will be diligent to be an asset through work performance of overseeing all front desk duties, responsibilities, business, and staffing aspects of your practice.

Account Receivable Management

  Our automatic goals are to reduce denial by 90% and reduce the number of claims in the 60-day A/R bracket with our 5 steps trust the strategy process.  

medical coding.webp
Medical Coding

Certified medical biller/coder will analyze and streamline all procedure, ICD- 10 codes, Ensuring diagnosis codes and documentation lines up to precise coding, getting the claims process and paid quickly.

Revenue Cycle Billing
  • Achieve the initial goal, then continue to improve the way we can rebuild our client's RCM Analysis Strategy.