Trustegic Medical Billing Services Analysis Strategy

Trustegic has a process that involves priorities, strategizes, and monetizes your practices revenue billing. Our Revenue Cycle Management Solution has essential strategic planning for decision making and smooth working optimistic for your organization to manage. Strategizes is the solution to the problem. The five steps processing will not only maximize profitability but also increase revenue.


Step 1: Know your goals. You need to clarify your vision before you do anything.

Knowing your goals will create a successful business. It will help achievement toward which effort is directed. It will also aim you towards readiness and completion. Once a plan is in place for the company goals for their billing, TMBS billing team will put their best foot forward to make sure the job is accomplished in a timely fashion.

Step 2: Collect and analyze the information is done through productivity.  Insurance verification proactively solves coverage issues upfront, which is a major billing role. If the patient information is processed correctly from the front end, it will empower patient financial experiences while preventing payment delays. Our major role is to analyze all billing reports ,Claim processing, charge entry, payment posting, denial, and appeals.

Step 3: Construct a strategy is to make sure you not stepping out into nothing that is not unknown. A strategy should be put into place to make sure your RCM is headed in the right direction. That is when Trust the Strategy comes in. A report is done in a road map format to help you maintain and manage all your billing inquiries. Trust the strategy mapping tool is to make sure you have a 95% rate of claims that are being processed and paid electronically within 15 days according to the insurance company. ICD-10 and CPT codes scanned and analyzes to ensure they are up to date and lines up with proper documentation so you will receive the maximum reimbursement. Claim scrubbing will be implemented on every claim after processing and before it goes out to the clearinghouse to reduce denial ratio, Age account receivable will be maintained to stay at the 30 days mark; A/R report will be conducted every 20 days to keep up with insurance eligibility and coding correction which are the main reason for denial. Lastly a  mandatory follow-up call to the insurance company to make sure the claim was received in a timely matter.

Step 4: Implement your strategy is to be trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated to our client needs. Communicating with our clients in every aspect of the business we provide for them. Our goal as a billing service is to take pride in what we do and hold the work we productivity perform to a higher standard. We develop a strategic plan to emphasize a mission and value our client's needs at best with action steps to carry out their goals. The strategy we implemented is put in place for long term success.

Step 5: Carrying Out Strategy. This is where the trust between TMBS and your company elevates. We will improve the overall accuracy, save valuable staff time, and maximize reimbursement.

Let Trustegic Medical Billing Services help your practice the assessment to get started.