Revenue Cycle Management


Revenue Cycle Management

  • Denial Management

  • Insurance Eligibility & Benefit  Verification

  • Copay / Deductible Collection

  • Charge Reconciliation

  • Electronic and paper Claim Submission

  • Claims Management

  • Payment Posting

  • Monthly/ Weekly Reporting

  • Billing &Coding

  • Claim correction and/ or re-submission

  • Age Account Receivable

  • Telehealth Billing & Coding

  • Credentialing Management

  • Insurance  Benefits &Verification

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Revenue Cycle

Ensure timeliness of Revenue Cycle and reduce administration time and wasteful spending.

Continuous Improvement

Software and workflow undergo constant review and revision to adapt to changing methods.


Comply with regulatory guidelines and payer policy

Maximize Reimbursement

Improve overall accuracy with patient registration, and charge entry, Knowledgable billing to the insurance company by reducing denied claims, recover money that has not paid, non-process and underpaid.

Quality & Key Performance

Understanding the strength and weakness of the revenue cycle is crucial, it will allow guiding future decision making.

Claims Management

 Diligently track, monitor, and work every claim that is being sent to the insurance company.

Denial Management

Detect and eliminate errors in billing codes, reducing the number of rejected and denied claims to the insurance company. Audit all claims before being submitted to payers.

Self-Pay Management

With a strategic plan with antiqued billing techniques, the patient can pay their bills digitally to a portal. Reliable payment option proactively offers to the patient that needs them.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

 We provide you with comprehensive reports that tell you everything you need to know about the state of your accounts receivable.

  • Weekly & Monthly Updates--                                                                                                        We meet with each of our clients on a weekly basis to review the latest trends and identify areas of concern or opportunities for incremental improvement.

Privacy & Security

Protect sensitive patient records and financial information.