Medical Billing & Coding


Medical Billing & Coding

Medical Coding is not a “one size fits all” solution and it can be tedious at times. TMBS coders will ensure accuracy, by staying in compliance with CMS guidelines. We know the coding process is no easy task-there are more than 8,000 CPT codes and 69,000 ICD-10 diagnosis codes to choose from, as well as a litany of complex payer and regulatory guidelines to follow, in order to code accurately. Moreover, organizations utilize a wide array of resources and workflows to complete the coding process. 

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Coding and billing are the invisible engines of the healthcare system. Without either field, the healthcare industry would be unable to efficiently transmit important data, and healthcare providers would have an incredibly hard time getting paid for their services. In a nutshell, it is the medical coder’s job to translate the healthcare provider’s report of a patient’s visit into numeric or alphanumeric code, which in turn is used by the medical biller to make a bill, or “claim,” for the insurance company and determine the appropriate charge for the patient.

Specialty Focus

Trustegic Medical Billing Service’s trusted billing high-performance will help you achieve your revenue goals.

Integrated Technology 

Trustegic Medical Billing Service’s ensures that your front office, clinical and outsourced billing teams are always on the same page.

Billing Efficiency 

Trustegic Medical Billing Service’s streamlined workflow helps you to remain in sync with your biller to reduce rejections and denials; simplifying the billing processes for faster reimbursements.